Fall Athletes “Too Busy” to be Decent Humans

By AINE LAWLOR Sept. 4, 2018

Bowdoin’s Fall athletes are incredibly busy; in fact, many are so busy that their schedule no longer allows them the time to be decent humans.

This phenomenon has come to the attention of many Bowdoin students, as well as faculty and staff members. Senior Hanna Vince noticed the poor behavior of Bowdoin’s Fall athletes in the dining halls. She observed that they refused to wait in line for express lunch at Moulton, ate exorbitant amounts of peanut butter, and behaved like a herd of wildebeests when coming into Thorne after 7 pm. Vince recognized that the athletes’ practice schedule meant they had to rush to the dining hall after 7 pm, but commented that they seemed to eat as if they were celebrating winning a game, which seemed unlikely.

Sophomore Ricky Bells also believes Fall athletes neglect common decencies such as changing their sweatpants every few days, or at least washing them occasionally, and holding doors open for people other than their teammates.

Faculty members also chimed in, saying many Fall athletes fail to attend class. Many professors, however, conceded that the students had many commitments outside of the classroom, such as sports, eating and talking about sports, and eating.

In contrast, the NESCAC Barstool social media platform said they felt Fall athletes contributed a lot to their work and always sent invaluable contributions.

Author’s Note: As a Fall athlete myself I was much too busy to write this article, but I figured anything that involved Fall athletes was just too important to not be reported on.

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