Whole Campus Now Out at Bowdoin

By Jack Arnholz Sept. 6, 2018

Tonight many students are without power after a strong storm rocked Bowdoin College this afternoon. The thunderstorm not only caused power to go out, but also all undergraduates to come out.

“Something about the storm made me realize I was living a lie,” said Jim Matthias ’20. “It was like that Kate Chopin novel; I feel liberated. I now I realize my identity as a proud gay man.”

Matthias’ experience is not unique. Just as Randy Nichols sent out messages declaring which dorms were out of power, emails from Director of the Sexuality, Women and Gender Center Kate Stern followed listing whole dorms that have come out as LGBT.

“Although I’m thrilled that there are so many new queer spaces on campus, it’s going to be a hassle to include the entire student directory when printing the Out Peers list,” Stern said.

Stern expects to see every member of campus tonight at Qinner, which will take place at a packed Throne Hall.

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