First-Years Go to Simpson’s Point Looking for Lighthouse Party

By BROOKE VAHOS Sept. 21, 2018

Last Saturday, Bowdoin Security found three first-years at Simpson’s Point looking for a darty at Lighthouse, a popular off-campus party spot. First recounted in this week’s security report, the event piqued the interest of the greater College community.

Saturday morning, Jimmy Thatcher ’22 heard from his orientation trip leader of a darty happening that afternoon at Lighthouse. Suited up in their best Hawaiian button-downs, Jimmy and his roommates headed out towards the coast.

The Hyde first-years left on the latter side of the afternoon in order to show up fashionably late to the darty. They ditched their floor’s plans to eat together at the Lobster Bake and headed down Harpswell Road.

After passing Lighthouse Deli, Jimmy’s roommate asked, “Dude, don’t you think the party should be pretty close to here? I see a lot of people in the backyard over there.” But Jimmy had bigger aspirations. “Bro, my leader said Lighthouse, not some random townie house next to a parking lot,” he said. The group continued out towards the seaside.

By the time the group realized they had gone too far, it was dark, Instagram was flooded with Lobster Bake pics, and the roommates could hear the ocean’s waves against the rocks. Not only had they missed the Lobster Bake, but also, more importantly, they had missed the Lighthouse party.

Jimmy dialed Bowdoin security, admitting the harsh reality of their situation, and pleaded for a Safe Ride back to campus. Bowdoin Security sent two of their least judgmental officers to retrieve the group. Back on campus, the boys swore to never go to a Lighthouse party again.

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