Democracy Fails: Some First Years Aren’t Old Enough to Vote in BSG Election

By JAANA SINGH Sept. 24, 2018

Class Council votes have been counted and the results are in! First years spent this weekend flocking to the polls on Blink, but those are under 18 were barred from voting, as they are not old enough to vote.

At the tender age of just 17-years-old, first year Aditya Patel was not able to cast his vote. “My birthday is not till mid-October. October 23rd to be exact. Till then, I am in this weird transitionary age, no longer a boy, not yet a man,” he commented when asked about his age. Patel made no mention of the election and his inability to vote.

When asked about the election, he said, “Oh, was the vote this weekend? I had no clue. So who won? I think some girl in my Introduction to International Relations class was running because she was on some posters. Or maybe she was advertising Da Rave at Howell. I don’t really know. I’m still trying to find out where I fit in on this campus, you know what I mean?” When it was clear that this interview was not going anywhere substantive with this mere child, we ended the interview with the youngster.

We talked to Nate Hintze, who donned a purple and green buttondown and turquoise trousers, and he said, “Voter turnout is something we always struggle with. We want a cabinet that will represent the will of his/her/their constituents, but the law is the law, and we don’t need little kids meddling in our elections.”

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