I Keep Receiving Notifications of a Court Date – Why Do They Not Get that I am Taken!?!

By AINE LAWLOR Oct. 1, 2018

I have received like four emails and at least six letters saying that I have a court date I need to attend and like why don’t they get that I am not interested. I mean seriously people, I’ve posted about my bae like 4 times – get the message!

Brian and I have been dating for like 3 weeks (but we’ve been best friends since like August!) and we are totally exclusive now. I don’t want to go on any court dates, I don’t care if everyone says I “have” to do it. I’m not like some gold-digger so it doesn’t matter to me if the invite has been typed, is notarized, comes in an envelope, or with a police escort.

Just please stop trying to get me to cheat on my boyfriend, I finally have someone who really loves me and I’ve changed now. I only have like five snap streaks with other guys and just because I grinded with a guy in the basement of Mac doesn’t mean I’m not loyal to my boyfriend. If you need more evidence, I wear his sweatshirt like every Tuesday and I even posted a cute selfie of him for my Man Crush Monday post.

So please just get the point, I’m not going on any court date and seriously if you want to acknowledge or notice my appearance or whatever just look at my vsco or like you can probably find me walking around Union Street with an open beer.

Lol guys just get the message – I’m taken!!

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