First Year Wondering When She Can Stop Having Every Meal with her Pre-O


Chloe Wu ‘22 has gotten every meal with her Pre-O group so far this semester. She is, however, starting to question when she finally can start branching out to other friends she didn’t share a tent with.

“They’re all fine people, but I’d like to get a meal with my roommates, or maybe even have a flinner. Our conversations have never really evolved from that casual tittle-tattle. I don’t know how many more times Ben is going to ask me where I’m from, and there are only so many more times I can tell Gwen what classes I’m taking,” Chloe said.

Chloe went on to describe how their conversations always come back to just recounting
memories of stand up paddleboarding and talking about how “hot” their trip leader was.
“I don’t know how many more times I have to watch Todd not land his pepper flips. This isbecoming incorrigible. I need to join a club or something,” Chloe sighed while in line at theThorne sundae last Wednesday. “I should just ask someone if they want to get lunch after class. There has to be a life outside of this poorly curated group.”

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