Bumble Ambassador Exhausted from Working Second Job as Used Cars Salesman


Everyone complains about having a tough job, but this Bumble Ambassador deserves extra complaining rights. Clarissa Donnelly works two jobs with drastically different work demands and personality types — Bumble Ambassador and used car salesman.

The two jobs are quite different from one another. In one job, Clarissa tricks people into investing in crap that has absolutely no value, and in the other, she sells cars.

However, the two jobs are also quite similar. As a used cars salesman, just like her Bumble job, she allows people to move forward quickly and for a ridiculously low price. However, this may be too fast for some people, and what you get may or may not carry certain diseases, be low on fuel, or have too many miles on it. Bumble officers and used cars salesman also meet their clients in the same sketchy parking lot. Clients — take caution! And, of course, people who work in either profession tend to be greasy, dress up in tight polyester suits, and enjoy taking you for a ride (on or off their lap).

Working two jobs has really taken a toll on Clarissa’s social life. She laments, “My only friends are bees. And bees can’t test drive cars!” Sometimes, Clarissa thinks about quitting one or both jobs in order to free herself from the intense moral standards of both professions. Matching soulmates is just too much of a burden. However, then Clarissa remembers that if she quits her Bumble job, she’ll have nothing legitimate to put on her resume. Plus, she feels that the honor and respect they merit outweigh the long hours. “I feel lucky,” Clarissa says, “to work such loved and valued jobs. Without Bumble, what would I bee?”

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