Incinerated Student Charged $250 After Failure to Evacuate Burning Tower

By KATE MCKEE Nov. 15, 2018

Bowdoin’s Office of Safety and Security charged the late Jenna Slowe with a $250 fine after she failed to evacuate the Tower this past Thursday in the tragic Tower Fire.The fire is said to have originated on the sixth floor, where Slowe resides. Slowe, a star sprinter for the track team, was just not quick enough on her feet to escape the building before she was almost immediately engulfed in flames and incinerated.

“Though the incident is absolutely devastating, it is important to enforce rules that are so often left unenforced. We are very sorry to hear about Ms. Slowe’s passing, but we must reiterate that we are here to promote a safe community of livers and learners,” Director of Safety and Security Randy Nichols said in a press release earlier today. “We urge our students to move swiftly and to not be caught up in the little things, like a gas fire. While we mourn, we must also look towards the future of fire safety at Bowdoin and other small colleges.”

There will be a service held for Slowe in the Chapel this Friday. In lieu of flowers, the Slowe Family asks for donations to contribute to paying off the fine.

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