70% of People Who Get Express Just Don’t Have Lunch Plans

by AINE LAWLOR and ARJUN MEHTA Jan. 30, 2019

Bowdoin students love talking about how busy they are. Everyone says they “are absolutely swamped” and “have to grab Express,” but we all know what that really means: they don’t have enough friends to schedule a lunch and they don’t have have guts to walk into Moulton and take a seat at a table alone. They are just getting that bagged lunch so they can go home and let their confidence sink lower than the quality of the Express cookies.

It’s not that hard to just text a friend and ask if they want to grab lunch, but of course that’s only if you have friends, and odds are people getting Express do not. They just have acquaintances and that girl in their Sociology class who over-enthusiastically says, “We should get a meal” at least once a week.

Also, 82% of them are first-years.

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