Why are there no doctors on Peer Health?

by HOLLY LYNE April 24, 2019

My freshman fall, I was so excited to meet the Peer Health representative for my floor. I thought he would be an integral part of my Bowdoin experience, keeping me safe from harm in my new home away from home. Little did I know, he wasn’t even a real doctor.

You heard it here first: Peer Health is a sham! If Peer Health members really wanted to advocate for our health, they would have M.D.s and not just a week of lousy ResLife training about emotions and building an “inclusive” community, as if that’s even important.

These people are con artists who couldn’t even be elementary school nurses. I wouldn’t even trust them to put a Band-Aid on me. It’s time we the people of Bowdoin stand up and decree that we’ve had enough! We want real doctors on this campus.

No more wasting our precious time trekking all the way over to Mid Coast Hospital and sharing a waiting room with creepy townies wearing head-to-toe camo. No more being neglected and left in agony in our dorm rooms whenever we catch the Bowdoin Plague. No more. President Rose, hear our plea — we need doctors, not “mentors.”

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