Stowe Inn Brings Forth Proposal for “Stexit”

By JACK SHANE Sep. 18, 2019

Inspired by the United Kingdom’s tumultuous withdrawal from the European Union, the students of Stowe Inn have decided they’ve had enough. In a recent press release, a quorum of students living in the already geographically isolated Stowe Inn have proposed a so called “Stexit,” which would end their current economic relationship with Bowdoin College. 

According to this press release, residents of Stowe Inn have felt that their attachment to the college, both economically and socially, has been detrimental. Furthermore, many Stowe Inn residents, or “Inn-ies” as they are colloquially known, claim that their geographical disconnect from the rest of the campus will help ease the transition. Travel is already costly and time consuming between most residence halls and the outlier that is Stowe Inn. One spokes-student, Joris Bohnson, had this to say of the decision: “I say an administration centered in HL cannot truly serve the needs of those living on Federal Street. God save the Queen- er, I mean, Clayton Rose.”

After the administration caught wind of the proposal, C Rose quickly responded saying that, “Stowe Inn is a vital part of our community and a hasty disconnect from our community will harm both Stowe Inn residents and the community as a whole”. 

In recent weeks, many more housing options on campus have publicly considered the possibility of following Stowe Inn, including 52 Harpswell, Mayflower Apartments, and, to the surprise of many Bowdoin campus experts, Massachusetts Hall. Some worry that if the College’s founding building has floated the idea of leaving campus, it is only a matter of time before Bowdoin College dissolves completely.

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