“What’s in My Backpack?”: Clayton Rose Edition

by LIA KORNMEHL Nov. 19, 2019

Welcome to “What’s in My Backpack,” where I present some of the most intriguing backpacks, briefcases, and bookbags on and off campus. Today’s backpack comes to us from none other than Bowdoin College’s own president, Clayton Rose. 

Clayton arrived at our interview confidently sporting a 2013 navy blue laptop-pocket JanSport. He took care to unbuckle the chest and waist straps before gingerly removing each item from the many individual compartments he requested on his personalized pack. 

“I try to be creative with what I put in each pocket,” he said, taking a Lysol wipe to the right-side water bottle holder. “Take the thermometer holders: they work just as well for pencils and pens.” 

Without further ado, the contents of Rose’s Respectable Receptacle: 

  1. A $17 minimum wage 
  2. The keys to the kingdom
  3. Extra fairy lights for the office 
  4. A typewriter from his aunt’s attic 
  5. A record player from Urban Outfitters 
  6. Moore Hall
  7. A lock of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s Hair 
  8. The last remaining Blackberry Curve 8520
  9. Your mom’s underwear 

When asked to comment on the contents of his carry on, Clayton remarked, “I only take the necessities to class.” 

Look for next week’s “what’s in my Backpack?” ft. a pink North Face Electra Daypack.

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