Gone Too Far: Eco-Reps Shut Off Brunswick Power

By JACOB BASKES Oct. 30, 2017

In an unprecedented move, a group of Eco-Representatives shut off the Brunswick’s power overnight in an effort to save large amounts of energy.

IMG_5312Monday marks one of the final days of Sustainable Bowdoin’s October Energy Competition, a yearly event that challenges students to shower less, refrain from washing their clothes for an entire month, or do anything that a normal person would want to do. This year, however, the competition was pushed even further when the organization broke into the local power plant and cut off the power completely.

Under the cover of a hurricane-like storm with 50 mph winds, the Eco-Reps cut off power for up to twenty thousand local residents, leaving many outside the Bowdoin community to suffer from Sustainable Bowdoin’s dictatorial agenda. One resident said, “I’m not really sure what to do now that I can’t dry my hair while watching Stranger Things and heating up water in the electric kettle in my extremely well-lit living room. It’s a real shame.

Students and professors alike enjoyed a day off from classes, postponing the inevitable reality of yet another painful week.

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