Bowdoin Football Now Most Consistent Team in NESCAC

By JACK ARNHOLZ Nov. 12, 2017

Bowdoin Football came back from a ten-point advantage Saturday to clinch a historic, winless season. In its first nine-game season of the year, the team has managed to lose every contest.hc-college-football-pictures-trinity-vs-bowdoin-20151024

Saturday’s loss makes Bowdoin Football the most consistent team in the NESCAC. Amherst Football formerly held the distinction with a winning 16-0 record; however, Bowdoin’s loss to Colby means the team has gone 0-17.

“We get the same result every time,” Quarterback Derek Holloway said. “And that’s impressive. I mean, when you see Hockey play, you never know what the result will be. When you see us, you get what you expect.”

In order to maintain its historic record, the team will prepare for next season by cancelling all lifts and practices.  

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