Thorne Polar Bear in Hot Water After Posing in Sombrero

by JACK ARNHOLZ Jan. 28, 2019

The Thorne Hall polar bear, known for greeting students as they swipe in for meals, faced backlash this week after posing in a sombrero on Tuesday’s Taco Night at the dining hall.

“I was pretty surprised that the Thorne Hall polar bear didn’t learn any lessons from the Tequila Party scandal of ‘16,” Danny Lewis ’19 told the Harpoon. “But then I realized he’s a non-sentient being, incapable of self-dressing.”

In recent years, the Thorne polar bear has become a Bowdoin icon of sorts, appearing at college events and parties. “I first met Thorne polar bear in my sophomore year and we became fast friends,” Isabel McMann ‘19 said. “But soon his popularity got to his head. He first demanded that people start calling him ‘Barry,’ but then down spiraled into drinking and showing up at parties at Garrison. It’s like I don’t know him anymore.”

This is not the first time the Thorne polar bear has found himself immersed in controversy. Last Halloween, he dressed up as a German Luftwaffe pilot from World War II, complete with swastika. The polar bear apologized claiming, “It was a poor choice of costume and I apologize. I was channeling my style icon, Prince Harry.”

In the aftermath, Bowdoin Dining promised that the Thorne polar bear would take time off to attend a substance rehabilitation center in Waterville. However, the Harpoon has been unable to confirm whether or not he attended.

In its first meeting of the spring semester, Bowdoin Student Government passed a statement of solidarity in support of those offended by the Thorne polar bear’s actions.

In response to the controversy, Bowdoin Dining has decided to remove the polar bear from Thorne to a location where fewer students will have to come in contact with him. Starting next week, the polar bear will begin greeting diners at Moulton Union.

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